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Thomas Charles "Charles" Minter and family - American pictures

A collection of photos of unknown date
taken in America. Charles and his wife Olive
appear in some but otherwise the identity of
the folk is unknown. The photos are arranged in
what might be date order (oldest at the top) but
it is impossible to be certain about when these
photos were taken.
All these photos were provided by Joyce Cox, Charles's granddaughter

Charles Minter with daughters Edna (born 1929), Janet (1932) and Gwen (1936)

Another snowy-weather photo of Charles Minter

Portrait photo of Charles Minter

Charles Minter is more or less in the center of this photo

The three photos above seem to have been taken on the same day - the older lady is wearing the same dress in each picture

The deckled edge of this photo is similar to that in the three photos above it, suggesting it may have been taken around the same time.

The five photos above are tied together by the suitcase and the fact that the bald man is wearing the same tie.
The woman and man sitting on the floor look like Olive and Charles.


The photos below were taken at Edna Turpan's
home in Montclair, New Jersey in 2003
when John and Pauline Minter visited from England.

All these photos were taken by John Minter

  Edna with John Minter

  Walter Casey and his wife Liz Casey

  Natalie Turpan, Peter Turpan and the back of Sandy Casey

  Edna Turpan, Brady Turpan (Peter and Natalie's youngest son). The identity of the other women is unknown

  Curt Turpan, May Minter, Natalie Turpan and Peter Turpan

  Ritchie Ruppert, Susan Greger, Curt Turpan, May Minter

  Walter Casey, Liz Casey and Scott Greger (Susan's second husband)

  May Minter and Pauline Minter

  Shawn Casey and Sandy Casey, his wife

  May Minter, Shawn Casey, Walter Casey, Edna Turpan and Peter Turpan (not sure who the young girl is)

  Walter Casey, Edna Turpan, Peter Turpan, Susan Greger, and her son Ritchie (not sure who the young girl is)