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Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


Tree: Fritton, Norfolk

Latitude: 52.6076926, Longitude: 1.7329912


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALCOCK, Charlotte Elizabeth  Abt 1830Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I70
2 BLOOMFIELD, Thomas James  27 Apr 1920Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I63
3 BROOKS, Elizabeth  Abt 1805Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I73
4 CHAPMAN, Basil George  Mar 1887Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I879
5 CHAPMAN, Elsie May  Dec 1893Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I880
6 CHAPMAN, William John  Abt 1860Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I82
7 CHAPMAN, William Robert  Dec 1885Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I878
8 KEMP, George William  Jun 1856Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I84
9 KEMP, Margaret Isabella  Mar 1888Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I881
10 MAPES, Rachel  29 Sep 1812Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I99
11 Minter, Alfred Henry  6 May 1924Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I62
12 Minter, Alice Evelyn  Mar 1920Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I60
13 Minter, Amelia  1 Apr 1859Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I30
14 Minter, Charles  4 Mar 1875Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I38
15 Minter, Diana Maria  5 Jul 1854Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I341
16 Minter, Eleanor  14 Oct 1881Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I41
17 Minter, Elizabeth  Bef 31 Aug 1798Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I13
18 Minter, Elizabeth  3 Nov 1802Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I15
19 Minter, Elizabeth  Sep 1844Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I26
20 Minter, Ethel Elizabeth  21 Jan 1906Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I733
21 Minter, Ethel Florence  25 Dec 1890Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I93
22 Minter, Florence  Jun 1861Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I31
23 Minter, Florence Amelia  23 Jul 1880Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I55
24 Minter, Florence Elizabeth  2 Jun 1893Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I52
25 Minter, George  Bef 15 Aug 1814Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I19
26 Minter, George  Bef 25 Jul 1820Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I22
27 Minter, George John  28 Feb 1890Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I45
28 Minter, Henry John  27 Sep 1864Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I32
29 Minter, James Samuel  Mar 1839Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I101
30 Minter, Letitia Amelia  5 Jun 1883Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I56
31 Minter, Marjorie Irene E L  12 Jan 1907Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I670
32 Minter, Mary Ann  29 Mar 1808Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I17
33 Minter, Mary Ann  7 Jun 1826Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I23
34 Minter, Mary Ann  Bef 31 Aug 1829Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I24
35 Minter, May Amelia  5 May 1886Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I43
36 Minter, Phyllis Edna M  4 Apr 1910Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I671
37 Minter, Rebecca Elizabeth  6 Jun 1842Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I104
38 Minter, Robert  30 Mar 1805Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I16
39 Minter, Robert Arthur  3 May 1877Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I39
40 Minter, Robert Charles Woods  6 Sep 1916Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I92
41 Minter, Ruby Helen G.  5 Jun 1914Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I90
42 Minter, Samuel  10 Apr 1796Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I12
43 Minter, Samuel  Bef 21 May 1818Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I208
44 Minter, Samuel George  15 May 1846Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I27
45 Minter, Samuel George  25 Feb 1871Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I35
46 Minter, Sarah  29 Jul 1810Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I18
47 Minter, Virtue  14 Dec 1853Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I28
48 Minter, Virtue  4 Feb 1873Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I36
49 Minter, Walter  23 Sep 1879Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I40
50 Minter, Walter Russell  24 Sep 1922Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I61

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 MAPES, Rachel  3 Oct 1812Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I99
2 Minter, Amelia  29 Jul 1859Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I30
3 Minter, Ann Margaret Woods  20 Jun 1860Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I80
4 Minter, Charles  10 Dec 1879Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I38
5 Minter, Diana Maria  29 Jan 1857Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I341
6 Minter, Eleanor  7 Jun 1886Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I41
7 Minter, Emma Amelia Woods  20 Jun 1860Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I81
8 Minter, Florence  24 Jul 1861Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I31
9 Minter, Florence Amelia  1 May 1881Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I55
10 Minter, George  15 Aug 1814Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I19
11 Minter, George  25 Jul 1820Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I22
12 Minter, George William Mapes  29 Jun 1840Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I102
13 Minter, Henry John  30 Oct 1864Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I32
14 Minter, Mary Ann  30 Mar 1808Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I17
15 Minter, Mary Ann  31 Aug 1829Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I24
16 Minter, May Amelia  7 Jun 1886Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I43
17 Minter, Rebecca Elizabeth  10 Jun 1842Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I104
18 Minter, Robert Arthur  10 Dec 1879Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I39
19 Minter, Robert George Woods  20 Jun 1860Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I74
20 Minter, Robert Woods  30 Dec 1831Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I69
21 Minter, Samuel  21 May 1818Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I208
22 Minter, Samuel George  11 Jun 1846Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I27
23 Minter, Samuel George  10 Dec 1879Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I35
24 Minter, Sarah  30 Jul 1810Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I18
25 Minter, Virtue  21 Dec 1856Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I28
26 Minter, Virtue  10 Dec 1879Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I36
27 Minter, Walter  10 Dec 1879Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I40
28 Minter, William George  21 Dec 1856Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I29
29 Minter, William George  7 Jun 1886Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I42
30 WITHERS, Robert Newrick  23 Nov 1796Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I66


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALCOCK, Charlotte Elizabeth  Jun 1909Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I70
2 BLAXELL, Hannah Elizabeth  Mar 1916Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I58
3 BLOOMFIELD, Thomas James  Abt 17 Jul 2010Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I63
4 BROOKS, Elizabeth  Bef 22 Oct 1877Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I73
5 BROWN, Eliza Susannah  Mar 1895Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I86
6 CHAPMAN, William John  Between 1923 and 1924Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I82
7 DRAPER, John  Bef 19 Jul 1884Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I100
8 DYBLE, Phyllis Ivy  Mar 1990Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I65
9 MAPES, Rachel  Bef 16 Jun 1892Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I99
10 Minter, Albert Samuel Woods  26 Oct 1963Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I88
11 Minter, Alfred Henry  22 Nov 2004Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I62
12 Minter, Charles  Dec 1902Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I38
13 Minter, Eleanor  Mar 1903Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I41
14 Minter, Emma Amelia Woods  Mar 1929Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I81
15 Minter, Florence Elizabeth  Bef 12 Dec 1894Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I52
16 Minter, George  Bef 27 Sep 1894Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I22
17 Minter, George William Mapes  Bef 14 Dec 1877Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I102
18 Minter, Hazel Evelyn  2 Oct 1990Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I739
19 Minter, Henry John  Mar 1937Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I32
20 Minter, Robert  Bef 27 Jul 1897Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I16
21 Minter, Robert Arthur  Mar 1910Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I39
22 Minter, Robert Charles Woods  Feb 1997Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I92
23 Minter, Samuel  Bef 5 Jan 1845Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I208
24 Minter, Samuel  Mar 1858Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I4
25 Minter, Samuel George  Mar 1901Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I35
26 Minter, Samuel George  Bef 6 Oct 1902Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I27
27 Minter, Samuel Woods  Jun 1927Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I85
28 Minter, Walter  Sep 1900Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I40
29 Minter, Walter Russell  17 Jul 2003Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I61
30 Minter, William  Bef 3 Feb 1819Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I14
31 Minter, William George  Bef 10 Dec 1865Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I29
32 Minter, William George  Jun 1905Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I42
33 Minter, William George  30 Jan 1931Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I33
34 PIGNEY, Elizabeth  Sep 1848Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I105
35 PLANE, Rebecca  1853Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I11
36 READ, Gertrude Annie  14 Aug 1959Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I89
37 REDGRAVE, Eleanor  Jun 1913Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I34
38 RUSSELL, Emily Alice  5 Jan 1955Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I59
39 UTTING, Mary Ann  Mar 1859Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I20
40 WADE, Mary Ann  Sep 1877Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I103
41 WHITE, Hannah Bella  Sep 1911Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I25
42 WITHERS, Robert Newrick  Bef 3 Apr 1835Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I66


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BROOKS, Elizabeth  22 Oct 1877Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I73
2 DRAPER, John  19 Jul 1884Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I100
3 MAPES, Rachel  16 Jun 1892Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I99
4 Minter, Bertie  10 Sep 1888Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I981
5 Minter, Florence Amelia  1910Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I55
6 Minter, Florence Elizabeth  12 Dec 1894Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I52
7 Minter, George  13 Aug 1848Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I978
8 Minter, George  27 Sep 1894Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I22
9 Minter, George William Mapes  14 Dec 1877Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I102
10 Minter, Laura Louisa W.  3 Apr 1958Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I96
11 Minter, Robert  27 Jul 1897Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I16
12 Minter, Samuel  5 Jan 1845Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I208
13 Minter, Samuel George  6 Oct 1902Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I27
14 Minter, William  3 Feb 1819Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I14
15 Minter, William George  10 Dec 1865Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I29
16 WITHERS, Robert Newrick  3 Apr 1835Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I66


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 ALCOCK, Stanley Thomas  4 Aug 2010Great Yarmouth, Norfolk I738


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BRODIE / Minter  Jun 1936Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F34
2 CHAPMAN / Minter  17 Dec 1884Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F29
3 CHAPMAN / Minter  Mar 1902Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F7
4 DRAPER / MAPES  2 Feb 1873Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F38
5 HENRY / THROWER  18 May 1851Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F135
6 HUME / Minter  Mar 1915Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F13
7 Minter / ALCOCK  Dec 1852Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F24
8 Minter / BROWN  22 Oct 1888Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F31
9 Minter / COOKE  Jun 1917Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F9
10 Minter / DYBLE  Sep 1952Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F20
11 Minter / FLAXMAN  6 Mar 1900Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F35
12 Minter / MAPES  31 Dec 1835Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F37
13 Minter / PIGNEY  19 May 1842Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F40
14 Minter / READ  Mar 1913Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F33
15 Minter / RUSSELL  Dec 1917Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F15
16 Minter / THIRKETTLE  Dec 1949Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F19
17 Minter / UTTING  27 Oct 1816Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F1
18 Minter / WADE  29 Jun 1862Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F39
19 SHARMAN / Minter  Dec 1908Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F8
20 WITHERS / Minter  8 Mar 1825Great Yarmouth, Norfolk F21